Questions We Ask Ourselves While Making A Website

Questions We Ask Ourselves While Making A Website

As a software products and services based company, we frequently get clients who want a website. The reason for a getting a website made differs from client to client. The most common reasons are establishing credibility as a business, offering information about their services, or conducting business online, which can increase sales revenue.

As creatives, we tend to look beyond just the raw functionality that a website offers, for we believe that a website is an online storefront which is open and accessible 24/7. And in that, it represents your brand. It's what online users will first come in contact with and use to make judgments about your business.

Keeping this in mind, a lot of work that we do goes into making a website aesthetically pleasing and easy to understand.

First impressions are important, they can make or break a relationship. So you always want to make sure that you start the interaction with your online customers on the right footing.

When we start working on a website project, here are a few questions we ask ourselves:

1. What are the goals of the client, their main motive in getting a website made?
2. If it is a product company, what is the product trying to achieve?
3. What kind of customer market is the client aiming for?
4. What kind of interface will customers of the target market like?
5. Are the customers tech-savvy?
6. What age group do the customers belong to?
6. How frequently will the customers access the website?
7. What is the story that the client wants to tell to their customers?
8. How does the client want to make their customers feel when they first access the website?
9. What will be the main goal of the customer when visiting the client's website?
10. What platform will the customers generally use while visiting the website?

Based on answers to the above questions, we try to answer the following:

1. What should be the color scheme of the website?
2. What kind of layout will prove most easy for the customers to quickly get to what they want?
3. What should the font look like?
4. Does it look good on major platforms, devices, and web browsers?
5. What content would the customers want to see?
6. Should the design be simple and straightforward or is there a strong reason for compromising simplicity in order to achieve a bigger goal?
7. Is this information/page redundant? How will this page help the user?
8. The order of navigation - What should be the next page that the user expects when browsing through the website?
9. Is the website functionality fast and responsive?
10. Is the navigation self-explanatory and intuitive or is it confusing?
11. How can we minimize the number of steps the user has to take to achieve a goal?
12. What are the functionalities that the user will use the least or the most?
13. Does the navigation make the user feel secure and in control? Is there sufficient feedback in the right places to signify the user that they're moving in the right direction?
14. Does our design follow the "Most Advanced. Yet Acceptable." (MAYA) principle? In other words, is there a balance between newness and familiarity?
15. Does this website make both the users' and the client's life more efficient?

A website is a window into your business. Asking these questions helps us to make sure that your website represents YOU and allows us to shape it into YOUR OWN, UNIQUE brand identity.

Got any feedback or suggestions? Comment below and let us know what you think!

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